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Hello, I am Fernanda Astiazaran-Morgan, founder of Wood and Stone LLC.  I love this industry, and after 15 years I can honestly say there is never a dull moment!

Our extensive experience in interior remodeling has allowed us to achieve a very good understanding of decorative and finished materials.  What products will enhance both the functional and esthetic design, maximizing our client’s individuality and personal taste.  The result is a project that represents you- not us, based on real budgets that accurately represent the finished project.

Our goal for the company has always been to offer more to our clients:​

  • Product variety
  • Highly qualified specialty labor
  • More focused and functional design consultation

Wood and Stone LLC is always evolving, and as horrific as the pandemic has been, it gave us both the time and incentive to design our website with a sophisticated feel which appeals to clients around the world.  We honor the environment, hand-made, artisanal products, fair trade, and only the best quality. Wood and Stone offers products that either are manufactured or assembled by us, directly imported, or by reliable manufacturers in the United States. We believe in supporting the American economy and more than 50% of our products are made in the USA.

Our company is blessed by a wonderful staff composed of ethical and talented people all of whom enjoy working in a team environment.

Our Team

Fernanda D Astiazaran Morgan
Founder and Manager member

Thomas B Morgan
Co-Founder and financial advisor

Victoria Esparragoza
Interior Designer and Project Manager

Alicia Esteban
Showroom and Website Manager.

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